Scientific investigation

Stratigraphic investigations

They are the first direct approach to the work. The main purpose is to know the pictorial and / or decorative layers superimposed on the "original" material, distinguishing the materials in relation to the historical moment in which they were added.

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Both in the preventive phase and during the works, it is our prime duty to carry out on-site inspections together with the Works Management and the territorially competent Superintendence, in order to ensure information exchange, which is useful for the execution of future restoration works


The professionalism of a company like ours starts from the formulation of a quote, descriptive with the methodologies to be performed on the work, the construction times and the expected cost, thus guaranteeing the parameters for carrying out the work correctly and effectively.


After the on-site and accurate estimate of the works, we take care of developing a restoration project, in order to report the methodological variants, proposals, times and economic factors to the client, promoter and/or financier of the works.

Restoration reports

Our code of ethics also involves the creation of a restoration card inside the company, in which, day by day, we fill in the progress of the restoration operations, the difficulties encountered and the use of materials and operating techniques. With all this information, once the restoration work is completed, we provide a complete final technical report, which is delivered to the client of the work, to the protection and archives agency of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage Superintendence.

Graphic and photographic surveys

One of the most important aspects of the profession of the restorer is the survey of the preliminary data of the work, preparatory to the development of the restoration operations. Our company personally deals with the graphic and photographic processing of the state of conservation before, during and after the restoration.

Relief-wooden altar

Graphic documentation:
Graphical survey n° 4
Restoration intervention

Chapel of the Torre del Castellodi Rivalta
Graphic documentation:
Conservation status

Public hospital
of Busca (CN)

Painted relief Deep grouting
"Nursing Madonna"
Annone Castle (CN)

Participation in calls for tenders

As a company we participate through collaboration with architecture and engineering firms in the preparation of restoration reports for the purpose of participation in public and private tenders.