Nelson Lozano, Restorer of Cultural Heritage, is the company's technical director and founding partner, with thirty years of experience in the sector, in which he has achieved excellent and prestigious results. He personally follows all the work in collaboration with his trusted working group made up of cultural heritage restorers and regularly recruited restorer collaborators registered in the Ministerial Register.

The "Conservation Restoration of Works of Art by Lozano Nelson" was born in 1997 and in 2000 it grew and changed its name, to the current one: "NELSON RESTAURI SRL". Since 2011 we are in possession of SOA OS2A certification in III Bis allowing us to work on decorated surfaces of real estate of cultural heritage and mobile cultural goods of historical, artistic, archaeological and anthropological interest, in order to compete works with amounts up to € 1,500. 000,00. In 2018 we obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate.

The company's legal residence, laboratory and office are located in Turin, where work is carried out on mobile works of art such as paintings, sculptures, ceramic, terracotta and assembled works of different ages and types. In Fossano (CN) there is a detached support office, inside the Antiquarian City.

The office follows all administrative practices; quotes, restoration projects, reports, participation in bids, documentation for the request of funds provided by banks and foundations always under the supervision of Dr. Lozano.

Turin headquarters

Fossano headquarters


1. Restoration of wall paintings of all ages and types, from the writings to the decorations on dry plaster and on "fresh" plaster.
2. Restoration of art facades, churches and buildings of historical and artistic interest.
3. Interventions on any architectural structure that contains, on the outside or inside, paintings on canvas, wall paintings, decorations, stucco, marble, etc.
4. Restoration of chapels with altars, sculptures, cornices and cornices in stucco and plaster and surfaces or parts in marble.
5. Restoration of paintings created with different painting techniques, always taking into consideration the support used by the artist in the realization of the work.
6. Restoration of wooden sculptures, an activity well developed in recent years thanks to the numerous interventions carried out through public contracts or entrusted directly by parishes or private bodies.

An essential component of the company is the team of restorers who works daily with professionalism and dedication, in full compliance with the ethical rules of conservative restoration.

In the laboratory we have specific equipment to perform low-pressure table drafts, ideal for medium and large paintings, in addition to the safety equipment necessary for cleaning operations, such as extractor hoods and ventilation system for air circulation.

We carry out diagnostic investigations with thermal imaging camera and control of the environmental microclimate through temperature and humidity detectors.

We rely on laboratories specialized in carrying out scientific investigations with physical-chemical and biological sampling tests.

The constant effort to maintain, recover and protect the aesthetic, historical and artistic values impressed by the artists in their works is the main objective in the execution of each restoration and, only if this is made indispensable, subsequent interventions made to the works are highlighted, following the conservative, historical and aesthetic or socio-political reasons indicated by the competent superintendencies.