The term facade denotes the aesthetic aspect of the monument, for these reasons the restoration of churches, and buildings of historical and artistic interest, both public and private, require special care in the application of the restoration operations. Initially in our time schedule of the work to be carried out we maintain a correlation between the beginning of each operation and the inspection of the Cultural Heritage Protection Body, in order to maintain a logical line in the restoration operations initially proposed and those that are being carried out works are subject to change. Everything always aims at the final result in qualitative, aesthetic and functional terms.

Another fundamental aspect of our organization is that we scrupulously respect all the measures of individual and collective protection of the people who circulate around the construction site.

In cases where the facades are decorated and/or frescoed, we usually develop a specific methodological plan aimed at maintaining, conserving and aesthetically recovering the painted surfaces, by always assessing the microclimatic conditions and the external agents that have influenced and influence the static and aesthetic stability of the facade, with the sole purpose of maintaining and projecting its integrity to the future.

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