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Quality policy

Turin, 25/07/2018

It is the precise will of the Management of NELSON RESTAURI S.r.l. to define and implement strategies of continuous improvement strategies that allow the company to reach the highest levels of competitiveness inspired by the following principles:

· Obtain the maximum satisfaction of its customers · Optimize the restoration process · Use technologically suitable restoration products · Guarantee the quality of the service provided · Empower, motivate and professionally qualify its staff · Guarantee safety in the workplace · Analyze and prevent and reduce the risks associated with its processes

A suitable Quality Management System has therefore been implemented, in compliance with the regulations in force in the sector, and with the requirements required by the ISO 9001: 2015 norm.

The QMS is defined and approved by the Management and managed by the Quality Management Manager in collaboration with the entire organization, in accordance with ISO 9001 norm.

The Management has defined the following:

· The context in which the organization operates as per the Quality Manual;
· Has defined the Objectives he wants to achieve and an Improvement Plan;
· The commitment to meet the applicable requirements with all interested parties;
· The involvement, commitment and participation of all the components of the organization in achieving Quality has been determined;
· Earmarked resources appropriate to needs;
· Trained all staff by means of appropriate refresher courses and specific training, so as to enable them to perform their activities better;
· Periodically reviewed the Quality Management System to ensure its adequacy, effectiveness, and correct application over time;
· Collected and stored data and records regarding quality as objective evidence of compliance with the required compliance requirements;
· Determined the risks and opportunities that must be faced to provide assurance that the quality management system can achieve the expected result; increase the desired effects, prevent or reduce unwanted effects and achieve improvement;
· Has planned actions to address these risks and opportunities and ways to integrate and implement actions in the processes of its quality management system and evaluate the effectiveness of these actions.

NELSON RESTAURI S.r.l. it also ensures that the Quality Policy is the property of each individual component through a controlled distribution of the Quality Manual and the posting in the offices of the full text of the Policy itself.

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